Automotive Floor Jacks


Useful Information About Automotive Floor Jacks

An automotive floor jack is a tool which should be included into each and every car owner’s toolkit. Perhaps, you had got a specialized car jack when you bought your vehicle, but the thing is that they often should be replaced when lost or broken. Be careful, when choosing a replacement for your former car jack because different jacks serve different cars.

The main purpose of a car jack is lifting any part of a car. Car owners often used it when changing a tire, but there a lot of other ways of using it. You can lift only on corner of your car with a standard automotive floor jack. If you need to lift the entire back or front, use specialized jacks.

For car manufacturers scissor jacks are the most favorite type of car jacks, so in most cases they provide it with their cars. This type of jacks utilizes the central screw mechanism for raising and lowering a car. You can use a tire tool or a specialized handle (if you have got one in addition to your car jack) to turn the mechanism.

For lifting trucks and other large vehicles you have to use specialized jacks, fitted with a large flat base plate, ratcheting mechanism and a long shaft with large teeth.

Hydraulic car jacks are often used by car owners as well. When choosing a hydraulic jack you can buy a wheeled or non-wheeled model.

Motor mechanics at automotive repair shops often use large floor jacks which are placed under the car and lift it with the help of hydraulics. Such a car jack is very helpful for lifting the entire back of a car.

Safety features of car jacks make sure that you avoid accidental injuries. With large bases a car jack will never tilt or sink into the ground. A special handle is another step to secure a car owner, although several types of jacks can be operated with a tire removal tool. Every automotive jack has its stop point, which stops lifting if you have risen the car too high.

Having a car jack at hand when on the road has a lot of benefits. The most important benefit is that a driver can change a tire quickly and easily in emergency without calling for assistance and paying a lot of money for this. But emergent situations are not the only time when you will find it helpful. If you like to do all the maintenance by yourself, a car jack will help you to change belts, oil, brake pads, etc. So, we may conclude from the above that an automotive floor jack is a must-have for every car owner.